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What Makes Us Different?

Lead Generation

SEO, PPC and Social Media Advertising


Logo, brochure and business card design

Web Development

GDC, CQC and GDPR compliant websites that will stand out

Content Creation

Professional videography and content marketing services

Marketing Specifically For You

Digiprism Are Medical Marketing SpecialistsĀ 

From Aestheticians and Dentists to Opticians and other medical professionals. We take care of your marketing needs with a focus around customer acquisition, compliance and uniqueness.

Why Work With Digiprism?

See the list of reasons to work with us over anyone else.
Working Hours

Unlike other agencies, we don't believe in billing you for a certain amount of minutes or hours. We believe in putting the right amount of time needed in to complete a project to the standard your business requires.

Expert Professionals

Whether we are working on a new logo or marketing video you can be sure that an expert in that particular area will be working on your project.

Digital First

Digiprism is a digital-first business that uses the latest technology to enable your business to standout.

Founded By Marketing Specialists

Our background is in marketing and having worked on projects for companies such as BT, Uber, Apple and Expedia you can be sure you are in good hands.

Fast Support

Whenever there is a problem, big or small, we will always be contactable to find a solution that suits you.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

By working with Digiprism you are investing in a marketing agency that focuses solely on working with medical professionals in a compliant, legal andĀ  customer-focused way. Dgiprism are experts in digital marketing and content creation allowing us to handle customer acquisition, retention and branding while you focus on running your business.

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Planning and Consultation

From our initial consultation with you we look to understand your objectives for both your brand and marketing. We then present a plan to you detailing exactly how we are going to achieve those objectives and how long it will take.


After the plan is agreed we work with our marketing specialists to put the plan into action. We keep you informed at every step of the process and make sure that the work being delivered is of top standard.

Evaluation and Learnings

After the work is complete we undertake a review of if your objectives were met and if any changes need to be made.


Nathan's knowledge and ability goes beyond the average digital marketer. He helped me run target driven lead generation campaigns and scale multiple channels for acquisition.

Nathan Yansifski Marketing Manager


Nathan worked with me on clients such as Uber and Apple where his digital expertise helped deliver us thousands of new purchases in a cost efficient way.

Antoine Paoli Account Manager


I can recommend Nathan as a digital marketing expert who consistently outperformed expectations for helping me with lead generation.

Andrei Sevastian Campaign Manager

Brands We Have Worked With

Take a look below at some of the brands we have worked with either through freelance work, directly or through Digiprism.

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